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A way between different places, used by horses, travellers on foot and vehicles.

Old Road (Non-Preferred)


Related Terms

Term Note
GUIDE PLATE A cast iron direction marker plate, usually fastened to a stone support with clips or bolts.
MILE PLATE A plate, usually of wood or metal, set up on a road, canal or railway to mark the miles from or to a place.
MILEPOST A post or pillar set up alongside a road to mark the miles from, or to, a place or places.
MILESTONE A stone, often erected at one mile intervals, on which are marked the distances to specified locations in miles.
ROAD BRIDGE A bridge carrying a road over land or water.
ROAD JUNCTION A place where two or more roads meet.
ROAD TUNNEL A tunnel carrying a road under a river or through a hill or other obstruction.
SUSPENSION BRIDGE A bridge whose deck is hung from above by large cables, chains or pinned iron or steel bars suspended from towers.
SWING BRIDGE A movable bridge that swings or rotates around a central pier to provide a passageway for navigation.
UNDERPASS A section of road that provides a passage beneath another road or railway.
WAGONWAY An early form of railway for the transportation of freight by wagons on rails on a road. Linked Data resource