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A building used for public Christian worship.


Related Terms

Term Note
ANCHORITE CELL A small dwelling for the solitary confinement of a pious reclusive religious man or monk, often attached to the north wall of a church. A squint enabled the occupant to witness the Mass.
BELL TOWER A tower or turret in which bells are hung.
BURIAL AISLE A projecting wing or chapel within a church, or a freestanding building, used privately by a family for burial.
CATHEDRAL The principal church of a diocese in which the cathedra or bishop's throne is to be found.
CHURCHYARD An area of ground belonging to a church, often used as a burial ground.
LYCH GATE A covered gateway at the entrance to a churchyard.
RITUAL BUILDING A building which appears to have fulfilled a ritual, rather than a domestic or industrial, function.
ROUND TOWER A tall, narrow tower, circular in cross section. Usually of early Medieval date and associated with, although detached from, a church or monastery.
SHRINE A place of worship associated with a sacred person or object.
STEEPLE A tall, ornamental tower, which usually forms part of a church, temple or other building.
SUNDAY SCHOOL A school in which instruction is given on a Sunday, especially such a school for children connected with a parish or congregation.
VESTRY A room or part of a church where the vestments, vessels and records are kept. Linked Data resource