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A small building or lean-to of light construction, used for storage, temporary shelter etc.


Related Terms

Term Note
CART SHED A building used for housing carts and implements, often open-fronted.
ENGINE SHED A building used to house railway engines.
FABRICATION SHED A covered area for making large engineered constructions such as sections of ships or bridges.
GOODS SHED A building in which railway wagons can unload goods for local distribution.
LEATHER DRYING SHED A covered area used for the drying of animal hides.
SHEARING SHED A building where sheep are shorn of their wool.
STOREHOUSE A building in which goods or items are stored. Use specific term where known.
TIMBER SEASONING SHED A building where timber is allowed to dry and harden, in order to render it fit for use as a working material.
TRANSIT SHED A type of warehouse, usually one-storeyed.
WAREHOUSE A building or part of a building used for the storage of goods or merchandise. Use more specific term where known.
WOOD SHED A building or room in which wood is stored. Linked Data resource