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A moveable structure used to allow or prevent passage through an opening, usually in a wall, fence or other barrier.


Related Terms

Term Note
BARBICAN Any earthworks, walling, bastion or fortified outwork, or combination of these, generally with ditch or moat.
GATE LODGE A building located at the gateway or entrance to an estate, park or other enclosed area of land.
GATE PIER A pier of brick, masonry etc. from which a gate is suspended by its hinges.
GATE POST An upright wooden post from which a gate is suspended by its hinges. For brick or masonry structures use GATE PIER.
GATEHOUSE A gateway with one or more chambers over the entrance arch; the flanking towers housing stairs and additional rooms. Use with wider site type where known.
GATEWAY A substantial structure supporting or surrounding a gate. May be ornate or monumental, and have associated structures such as lodges, tollbooths, guard houses etc..
LYCH GATE A covered gateway at the entrance to a churchyard.
RAILINGS A fence or barrier made of metal or wooden rails.
WALL An enclosing structure composed of brick, stone or similar materials. Use specific type where known. Linked Data resource