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An enclosure for collecting, sorting and controlling sheep.

Bucht (Non-Preferred) | Fank (Non-Preferred) | Sheep Creep (Non-Preferred) | Sheep Fold (Non-Preferred) | Sheep Pund (Non-Preferred) | Stell (Non-Preferred) | Stell Enclosure (Non-Preferred) | Turf Stell (Non-Preferred)


Related Terms

Term Note
CATTLEFOLD An enclosure for collecting, sorting and controlling cattle.
GATHERING FOLD A structure comprising an outer forecourt formed by funnelling walls that give access to one or more open enclosures or folds with adjoining cells. Used to separate ewes and lambs overnight, the lambs being housed in the adjoining cells and the ewes gathered for milking.
KEB HOUSE A building used to twin orphaned lambs with kebs (ewes that have lost their lambs).
POUND A pen, often circular and stone-walled, for impounding livestock.
RING ENCLOSURE A small circular enclosure defined by a turf or earthern bank.
SHEEP DIP A place where sheep are washed to clean their wool and combat diseases and parasites.
SHEEP HOUSE A building for sheltering sheep.
SHEEP SHELTER A structure or enclosure, usually in a remote or upland location, which provides shelter for sheep in severe weather conditions. Linked Data resource