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A building housing an engine. Use specific term where known.


Related Terms

Term Note
CHIMNEY The flue or channel that funnels smoke and gases from a fire.
CONDUIT HOUSE A small building over the end of a water conduit or spring.
ENGINE A machine, powered by steam, gas, electricity or other energy source, which produces energy of movement. Use for stationary industrial engines rather than transport use.
FACTORY A building or complex, housing machinery for manufacturing purposes. Use specific term where known.
MINE An excavation made in the earth for the purpose of digging out metallic ores, coal, salt, precious stones and other minerals. Use specific term where known.
PUMP HOUSE A small pumping station.
PUMPING STATION A facility with pumps and associated equipment, often part of a Waterworks.
WATER PUMPING ENGINE An engine used to power a water pump.
WATERWORKS Buildings, engineering constructions and machinery, used for the purpose of supplying a town, etc, with water distributed through pipes.
WORKS Usually a complex of buildings for the processing of raw materials. Use specific type where known. Linked Data resource