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An industrial unit, usually situated in a city or town, concerned with the manufacture of gas from sources including coal, oil and calcium carbide (acetylene), for use as fuel by industrial or domestic consumers.

Gas Mill (Non-Preferred) | Gasworks (Non-Preferred)


Related Terms

Term Note
GAS HOLDER STATION A facility with one or more expanding gas storage tanks, often including equipment for measuring the amount used.
GAS HOUSE An ancillary building, usually to provide gas for lighting a particular building (eg. railway stations, factories, etc) as opposed to public GAS WORKS.
GAS PURIFICATION STATION A facility where impurities are removed from coal gas.
GASIFICATION PLANT A facility for the production of gas by means of the Lurgi Process. Steam and oxygen under high pressure are introduced into a gasifier containing coal, which may be of lower quality than that required by conventional gas production. Linked Data resource