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An excavation made in the earth for the purpose of digging out metallic ores, coal, salt, precious stones and other minerals. Use specific term where known.


Related Terms

Term Note
ADIT A horizontal tunnel opening from the surface used for haulage, access to a mine, exploration or drainage.
AERIAL CABLEWAY An overhead conveyor system for carrying containers.
BING A spoil heap, often very large, consisting of waste products produced by mining.
ENGINE HOUSE A building housing an engine. Use specific term where known.
MINE BUILDING A building found at the surface at the site of a mine. Use specific type where known.
MINE SHAFT A vertical or inclined excavation giving access to an underground mine.
MINE WORKINGS An area of mining activity, where excavations have extracted ores, coal, salt or precious stones. Use specific MINE type where known eg LEAD MINE.
SPOIL HEAP A mound of waste material derived from industrial activity.
SUBSIDENCE PIT A pit or hollow representing ground subsidence caused by mine workings.
SUBTERRANEAN STRUCTURE An artificial feature located beneath ground level. Use specific term where known.
WINDER HOUSE A building housing an engine, usually with an attendant boiler house and chimney. Used for winding men, materials and minerals up and down a mine shaft. Linked Data resource