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A site where iron is smelted or iron goods made.

Iron Smelting Works (Non-Preferred) | Ironworks (Non-Preferred)


Related Terms

Term Note
BLOWING ENGINE HOUSE Steam engine, usually, driving a centrifugal fan to provide an air blast for a blast furnace.
FORGE A building or site where wrought iron is forged.
FOUNDRY A workshop or factory for casting metals.
IRON FOUNDRY A workshop or foundry where iron articles are made by casting molten material into moulds.
IRON WORKING SITE A site used for the production and/or working of metallic iron.
MANAGERS HOUSE A purpose-built dwelling for the manager of a factory, works, textile mill, etc, often found within the complex itself.
SLITTING MILL A mill with machinery used to cut slabs of metal into rods, or thin sections, for use in nail making or wire drawing. Linked Data resource