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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Edin's Hall 58777 Edin's Hall Broch [iron Age], Fort [prehistoric], Settlement [prehistoric] NT76SE 6
58619 Young Jeanie's Wood Bothy (Medieval)(Possible), Mound (Period Unknown) NT75NW 1
Windshiel 58622 Windshiel Findspot, Axehead (Sandstone), Flanged Axehead (Bronze) NT75NW 3
Windy Windshiel 58623 Windy Windshiel Farmstead (Period Unassigned), Mill (Period Unassigned), Tower House (Medieval) NT75NW 4
Borthwick Castle 58629 Borthwick Castle Tower House (Medieval) NT75SE 1
Duns Law, Covenanters' Stone 58641 Duns Law, Covenanters' Stone Covenanters Stone (17th Century) NT75SE 2.01
58633 Duns Law Cist (Period Unassigned) NT75SE 13
58634 Duns Findspot, Socketed Axehead (Bronze) NT75SE 14
58637 Samson's Walls Holy Well (Period Unassigned)(Possible) NT75SE 17
58638 Duns Battle Site (14th Century) NT75SE 18
Duns Law 58640 Duns Law Fort (Prehistoric), Redoubt (17th Century) NT75SE 2
58642 Cairnbank Cairn(S) (Period Unassigned) NT75SE 20
Duns, General 58643 Duns, General Burgh (Medieval), Town (Period Unassigned) NT75SE 21
58644 Duns Law Findspot, Knife (Flint), Scraper (Tool)(S) (Flint) NT75SE 22
58645 Duns Castle Findspot, Coin Hoard NT75SE 23
58646 Duns Castle Findspot, Axehead (Stone) NT75SE 24
Borthwick Quarry, Duns 58647 Borthwick Quarry, Duns Settlement (Period Unassigned) NT75SE 25
Duns, Church Square, Old Parish Church 58651 Duns, Church Square, Old Parish Church Burial Ground (Period Unassigned), Church (18th Century), Gate Pier(S) (Period Unassigned), Inscribed Stone (17th Century), War Memorial(S) (20th Century) NT75SE 29
Clockmill 58648 Clockmill Settlement (Period Unassigned) NT75SE 26
58649 Duns Findspot, Axe Hammer (Stone), Barbed And Tanged Arrowhead (Flint) NT75SE 27
58650 Duns, St Magdalene's Chapel Chapel (Medieval), Hospital (13th Century) NT75SE 28
Duns Castle 58652 Duns Castle Country House (19th Century), Tower House (14th Century) NT75SE 3
Duns, Market Square, Town Hall 58653 Duns, Market Square, Town Hall Tolbooth [17th Century], Town Hall [19th Century]-[20th Century] NT75SE 30
58654 Duns, Bridgend Hill Barmkin (Medieval) NT75SE 31