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Our online mapping services, aerial photography and satellite imaging layers are undergoing scheduled maintenance on Sundays in June. Service might be intermittent or unavailable on 6, 20 and 27 June. Thank you for your patience.


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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
8 Unst, West Scrafield Souterrain (Prehistoric) HP50NE 10
17 Unst, Loch Of Watlee Souterrain (Prehistoric) HP50NE 9
Unst, Underhoull 28 Unst, Underhoull Farmstead (Norse), Field System (Period Unassigned), Settlement (Viking), Souterrain (Prehistoric) HP50SE 1
123 Unst, Mailand Souterrain (Prehistoric) HP60SW 22
165 Unst, Ungirsta Souterrain (Prehistoric) HP61SW 17
Papa Stour, North-house 268 Papa Stour, North-house Souterrain (Prehistoric) HU16SE 4
613 Brandsiclett Souterrain (Prehistoric)(Possible) HU33NE 5
627 West Burra, Minn Souterrain (Prehistoric)(Possible), Adze (Prehistoric)(Possible), Unidentified Pottery (Prehistoric) HU33SE 18
757 Sefster Souterrain (Prehistoric) HU35SW 14
807 Nissetter Souterrain (Prehistoric) HU37NE 3
Wadbister 1272 Wadbister Farmstead (Period Unassigned), Head Dyke (Post Medieval), Souterrain (Prehistoric) HU53NW 6
1448 Fetlar, Tafts Souterrain (Prehistoric)(Possible) HU69SW 26
Bu 1483 Bu Broch (Iron Age), Souterrain (Prehistoric) HY20NE 11
1556 Hoy, Braebister, Upper Cairn Souterrain (Prehistoric) HY20NW 13
1558 Hoy, Braebister, Lower Cairn Souterrain (Prehistoric) HY20NW 15
1651 Sandwick Souterrain (Prehistoric)(Possible), Bead (Roman) HY21NE 57
Unigarth 1682 Unigarth Souterrain (Prehistoric) HY21NW 29
The Howe 1731 The Howe Broch (Iron Age), Chambered Cairn (Neolithic), Souterrain (Prehistoric) HY21SE 41
1862 Skeabrae Souterrain (Prehistoric) HY22SE 3
1889 Benzieclett Souterrain (Prehistoric)(Possible) HY22SE 54
Naversdale 1927 Naversdale Settlement (Period Unassigned)(Possible), Souterrain (Prehistoric) HY30NE 1
2006 Dale Long Cist (Early Medieval), Souterrain (Prehistoric), Barbed And Tanged Arrowhead, Lithic Implement(S) (Stone) HY31NW 16
2019 Biggings, Grimeston Souterrain (Prehistoric) HY31NW 28
Rennibister 2081 Rennibister Human Remains(S) (Period Unknown), Souterrain (Prehistoric) HY31SE 3