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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
1735 Bockan Hammer(S) (Stone) HY21SE 45
1743 Bockan Hammer (Flint) HY21SE 52
Bancquoy 1928 Bancquoy Animal Remains, Arrowhead(S), Hammer(S), Sling Shot, Unidentified Pottery HY30NE 10
Firth 2080 Firth Hammer (Stone) HY31SE 29
18241 Bisset Moss Hammer (Stone), Scraper (Tool) (Flint) NJ63NW 8
2378 Holm Hammer (Stone) HY40SE 24
Saverock 2528 Saverock Cist(S) (Period Unassigned), Hammer, Hammerstone(S), Vessel (Clay) HY41SW 2
Egilsay 2619 Egilsay Hammer (Stone) HY42NE 2
Rousay 2641 Rousay Hammer (Stone) HY42NW 26
Papa Westray 2908 Papa Westray Hammer (Stone) HY45SE 63
2939 Bloody Quoy Hammer (Stone) HY50NE 25
3008 Tankerness Hammer (Stone) HY50NW 47
3371 Stronsay, Kirbister Hammer (Stone) HY62SE 29
3429 Sanday, Lamba Ness Hammer (Stone)(Prehistoric) HY63NW 23
3519 Sanday Hammer (Stone)(Prehistoric) HY64SE 27
Sanday, Leavis Garth 3551 Sanday, Leavis Garth Cist (Bronze Age)(Possible), Hammer (Stone) HY64SE 7
Lewis, North Dell, Dun Cleamon 4382 Lewis, North Dell, Dun Cleamon Dun (Prehistoric), Hammer (Stone) NB46SE 8
10469 Ensay Burial (Viking), Balance(S) (Bronze)(Viking), Hammer (Viking) NF98NE 5
10479 Killegray Inhumation (Period Unassigned), Balance, Hammer NF98SE 5
14312 Westhill Hammer (Stone) NH74SW 9
16765 Strathdon Barbed And Tanged Arrowhead (Flint), Cup (Stone), Flake, Hammer (Stone), Leaf Arrowhead(S) (Flint), Spindle Whorl, Stone Ball (Stone) NJ31SE 12
17048 Tarland Hammer(S) (Stone) NJ40SE 48
17235 Clova Estates Axehead(S), Barbed And Tanged Arrowhead(S), Bead(S), Beaker, Carved Stone Ball(S), Cinerary Urn(S), Hammer(S), Leaf Arrowhead(S), Pendant, Spearhead(S), Spindle Whorl(S), Unidentified Pottery (Neolithic) NJ42SE 14
17603 Cushnie Axe Hammer, Axehead(S) (Stone), Cup(S) (Stone), Hammer(S) (Stone) NJ51SW 17