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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Birkcleuch 57464 Birkcleuch Sheep House (13th Century) NT66NE 18
Ashentrool 74629 Ashentrool Corn Drying Kiln (Post Medieval), Enclosure (Post Medieval), Farmstead (19th Century), Farmstead(S) (18th Century), Sheep House (Post Medieval) NS89NW 56.01
Bute, South Kelspoke 78690 Bute, South Kelspoke Corn Drying Kiln (Period Unassigned), Cultivation Remains (Period Unassigned), Farmstead (Period Unassigned), Sheep House (18th Century), Township (Period Unassigned) NS15SW 24
Bute, Aultmore Burn 88738 Bute, Aultmore Burn Head Dyke (Post Medieval), Sheep House (Post Medieval) NR97SE 33
Loss Hill 145012 Loss Hill Enclosure (Post Medieval), Sheep House (Post Medieval) NS89NW 56.09
166475 Greena Hill Sheep House (Post Medieval)(Possible), Sheepfold (Post Medieval) NY48SE 58
181522 Soutra Hill Building (Period Unassigned), Enclosure (Period Unassigned), Sheep House (Post Medieval) NT45NE 48
Whiteside Hill 181816 Whiteside Hill Sheep House(S) (Post Medieval)(Possible) NT14NE 61
234628 Huntly Cot, Glede Knowe Sheephouse Sheep House (19th Century) NT35SW 32
Girdstingwood Dairy 235972 Girdstingwood Dairy Building(S) (Period Unassigned), Sheep House(S) (Post Medieval)(Possible) NX74NW 146
Goes Law 262715 Goes Law Sheep House (19th Century), Sheepfold (19th Century) NT66SW 39
Capelaw Hill 277203 Capelaw Hill Sheep House (Post Medieval), Sheepfold (Period Unassigned) NT26NW 469
Capelaw Hill 277237 Capelaw Hill Sheep House (Post Medieval) NT26NW 471
Black Mount 284307 Black Mount Sheep House (Post Medieval) NT25NE 31
286004 Papa Stour, Northbanks Sheep House (Post Medieval) HU16SE 91
290741 Tayloch, Sheep Cotts Sheep House (18th Century) NJ52NW 221
290955 West Tayloch, Sheep Cott Sheep House (18th Century) NJ52NW 222
291391 New Leslie, Cotts Sheep House(S) (18th Century) NJ52NE 205
291538 Old Leslie, Sheep Cotts Sheep House (18th Century) NJ52NE 206
291540 Old Leslie, Cotts Sheep House (18th Century) NJ62NW 214
291553 Mains Of Leslie, Sheep Cotts Sheep House(S) (18th Century) NJ62SW 183
291901 Upper Town Of Edingarioch, Cotts Sheep House (18th Century) NJ62SW 185
292101 Quarry Fauld Sheep House (18th Century)(Possible), Sheepfold (18th Century)(Possible) NJ62SW 191
292255 Nether Bottom, Sheep Cotts Sheep House (18th Century) NJ62NW 216