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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Doune, Roman Fort And Annexe 24767 Doune, Roman Fort And Annexe Fort Annexe (Roman)(Possible), Roman Fort (Roman) NN70SW 36
Strageath 25297 Strageath Fort Annexe (Roman) NN81NE 2.01
Bearsden 44532 Bearsden Bath House (Roman), Fort Annexe (Roman), Roman Fort (Roman) NS57SW 3
Antonine Wall, Croy Hill Roman Fort 45875 Antonine Wall, Croy Hill Roman Fort Farmstead (Post Medieval), Fort Annexe (Roman), Frontier Defence (Roman), House(S) (Post Medieval), Outbuilding(S) (Post Medieval), Roman Fort (Roman), Settlement (Roman)(Possible), Temporary Camp (Roman)(Possible) NS77NW 10
Crawford 47393 Crawford Cropmark(S) (Roman), Fort Annexe (Roman), Temporary Camp (Roman) NS92SE 17
Carriden 49589 Carriden Fort Annexe (Roman), Roman Fort (Roman), Settlement (Roman) NT08SW 7
Elginhaugh 53492 Elginhaugh Fort Annexe (Flavian), Roman Fort (Flavian) NT36NW 61
Oxton 54576 Oxton Fort Annexe(S) (Roman), Fortlet (Roman) NT45SE 1
Newstead 55620 Newstead Fort Annexe(S) (Roman), Roman Fort (Roman), Temporary Camp(S) (Roman) NT53SE 20
Newstead, Western Annexe 55622 Newstead, Western Annexe Fort Annexe (Roman) NT53SE 20.02
Newstead, Southern Annexe 55623 Newstead, Southern Annexe Fort Annexe (Roman), Unidentified Pottery (Roman) NT53SE 20.03
Newstead, Eastern Annexe 55624 Newstead, Eastern Annexe Fort Annexe (Roman) NT53SE 20.04
Glenlochar 64695 Glenlochar Fort Annexe (Roman) NX76SW 4
Carzield 65890 Carzield Fort Annexe (Roman), Roman Fort (Roman) NX98SE 8
Castledykes 79355 Castledykes Enclosure(S) (Roman), Fort Annexe(S) (Roman), Roman Fort (Roman), Temporary Camp(S) (Roman) NS94SW 7
Castledykes, Eastern Annexes 79356 Castledykes, Eastern Annexes Enclosure(S) (Roman), Fort Annexe(S) (Roman) NS94SW 7.07
351541 South Pleasance Avenue, Falkirk Roman Fort Fort Annexe (Roman), Unidentified Pottery(S) (Roman) NS87NE 218
Lantonside 66090 Lantonside Fort Annexe (Roman) NY06NW 22.01
Raeburnfoot 67274 Raeburnfoot Fort Annexe (Roman), Roman Fort (Roman) NY29NE 5
Newstead 69909 Newstead Fort Annexe (Roman)(Possible) NT53SE 20.09
Newstead 77167 Newstead Fort Annexe (Roman) NT53SE 20.11
Newstead 77168 Newstead Fort Annexe (Roman)(Possible) NT53SE 20.12
Castledykes, Southern Annexe 79357 Castledykes, Southern Annexe Fort Annexe (Roman) NS94SW 7.08
Castledykes, Western Annexe 79358 Castledykes, Western Annexe Fort Annexe (Roman)(Possible) NS94SW 7.09