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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
333 Housa Water Dun (Period Unassigned) HU24SE 12
Burga Water 453 Burga Water Dun (Period Unassigned) HU25SW 5
851 Roer Water Dun (Period Unassigned)(Possible) HU38NW 2
Loch Of Brindister 1002 Loch Of Brindister Dun (Prehistoric) HU43NW 9
Lewis, Crowlista, Loch Baravat 3987 Lewis, Crowlista, Loch Baravat Dun (Prehistoric)(Possible), Unidentified Pottery(S) (Medieval)(Possible) NB03SW 4
Taransay, Loch An Duin 3995 Taransay, Loch An Duin Crannog (Prehistoric)(Possible), Dun (Prehistoric) NB00SW 6
Lewis, Valtos School, 'an Caisteal' 4025 Lewis, Valtos School, 'an Caisteal' Dun (Prehistoric)(Possible) NB03NE 9
Lewis, Dun Borranish 4031 Lewis, Dun Borranish Causeway (Prehistoric), Dun (Prehistoric) NB03SE 1
Lewis, Crowlista, Dun Baravat 4057 Lewis, Crowlista, Dun Baravat Causeway (Prehistoric)(Possible), Dun (Prehistoric)(Possible), Unidentified Pottery(S) (Prehistoric)(Possible) NB03SW 3
4090 Great Bernera, Kirkibost, 'dun Tidaborrach' Dun (Period Unassigned) NB13NE 3
Lewis, Loch An Duin 4092 Lewis, Loch An Duin Causeway (Prehistoric), Crannog (Neolithic)(Possible), Dun (Prehistoric), Unidentified Pottery (Neolithic) NB13NE 5
4114 Great Bernera, Kirkibost, Dun Tiddaborra Dun (Prehistoric) NB13SE 4
Lewis, Borrowston 4124 Lewis, Borrowston Dun (Prehistoric)(Possible) NB14SE 4
Lewis, Rudh' An Dunain 4198 Lewis, Rudh' An Dunain Dun (Period Unassigned)(Possible) NB24NW 1
Lewis, Dun Loch An Duna 4227 Lewis, Dun Loch An Duna Crannog (Neolithic)(Possible), Dun (Prehistoric), Unidentified Pottery (Neolithic) NB32NE 1
4340 Lewis, Gress, Dun Ghrais Dun (Period Unassigned)(Possible) NB44SE 6
4342 Dun Beinn Ivor, Loch Beinn Iobhair, Lewis Dun (Period Unassigned)(Possible) NB44SE 8
4345 Lewis, Loch Shiavat Dun (Prehistoric) NB45NE 2
Lewis, Galson, Dun Sabhuill 4359 Lewis, Galson, Dun Sabhuill Dun (Prehistoric) NB45NW 3
Lewis, Dun Mara 4379 Lewis, Dun Mara Building(S) (Period Unknown), Dun (Prehistoric) NB46SE 5
4382 Lewis, North Dell, Dun Cleamon Dun (Prehistoric), Hammer (Stone) NB46SE 8
Lewis, Dun Loch An Duin 4386 Lewis, Dun Loch An Duin Causeway (Prehistoric), Dun (Prehistoric) NB53NE 1
Lewis, Lower Bayble, Loch An Duin 4397 Lewis, Lower Bayble, Loch An Duin Causeway (Prehistoric), Dun (Prehistoric) NB53SW 6
Lewis, North Tolsta, Traigh Geiraha, Caisteal A' Mhorair 4401 Lewis, North Tolsta, Traigh Geiraha, Caisteal A' Mhorair Building (Medieval)(Possible), Dun (Medieval)(Possible), Quern (Period Unknown), Unidentified Pottery (Period Unassigned) NB54NW 1