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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Unst, Tafts Of Coppister 15 Unst, Tafts Of Coppister Findspot (19th Century), Cinerary Urn(S) HP50NE 7
26 Yell, Sands Of Brekon Findspot (20th Century), Flake(S) (Quartz) HP50NW 8
27 Yell, Sands Of Brekon Findspot (Period Unknown), Quern (Period Unknown) HP50NW 9
59 Unst, Vinstrick Findspot (20th Century), Unidentified Object(S) (Norse) HP50SE 38
Yell, Cullivoe 69 Yell, Cullivoe Findspot (20th Century), Lamp (Steatite) HP50SW 10
Yell, Gloup 70 Yell, Gloup Findspot (20th Century), Adze (Stone) HP50SW 11
97 Unst, Baliasta Findspot (20th Century), Pendant (Stone), Perforated Object (Stone) HP60NW 14
Unst 102 Unst Findspot (20th Century), Club (Weapon), Dish, Hammerstone, Vessel(S) HP60NW 3
106 Unst Findspot (20th Century), Coin (Roman) HP60NW 7
Dunrossness 588 Dunrossness Findspot (18th Century), Coin(S) (Roman) HU32SE 5
Maila Hill 707 Maila Hill Findspot (19th Century), Cinerary Urn (Bronze Age) HU34NW 7
The Glebe, Leeans 708 The Glebe, Leeans Findspot (19th Century) (1832), Cinerary Urn (Bronze Age) HU34NW 8
The Glebe, Leeans 709 The Glebe, Leeans Findspot (19th Century), Cinerary Urn (Bronze Age) HU34NW 9
Gulberwick 978 Gulberwick Findspot (20th Century), Brooch (Silver)(Viking) HU43NW 14
Swanbister House 1930 Swanbister House Findspot, Animal Remains HY30NE 12
Rousay, North Howe 2285 Rousay, North Howe Findspot (20th Century), Brooch (Bronze), Chain (Bronze)(Period Unknown) HY33SE 19
Caldale 2607 Caldale Findspot (18th Century), Brooch(S), Coin Hoard HY41SW 9
Westray, Pierowall Village 2788 Westray, Pierowall Village Findspot (Period Unknown), Hammerstone(S) (Period Unknown), Trough (Period Unknown), Worked Object (Bone)(Period Unknown) HY44NW 31
Papa Westray, Backaskaill 2909 Papa Westray, Backaskaill Findspot, Stone Ball (Stone)(Prehistoric) HY45SE 64
Horse Island 4480 Horse Island Findspot (19th Century) - (20th Century), Coin(S) (Silver)(Period Unknown) NC00SW 4
Ardrishnich 4494 Ardrishnich Findspot (20th Century), Cup (Stone)(Period Unknown) NC02NE 2
Stoer 4497 Stoer Findspot (Period Unknown), Needle (Bronze), Unidentified Pottery NC02NW 10
4500 Clachtoll Findspot (19th Century), Coin (Silver)(17th Century) NC02NW 3
4501 Clachtoll Findspot (19th Century), Cup (Stone)(Prehistoric) NC02NW 4