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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
19 Yell, Breiwick Midden (Iron Age), Unidentified Pottery (Pottery) HP50NW 10
39 Unst, Burga Sand Midden (Viking), Wall (Viking), Axehead (Iron)(Viking) HP50SE 2
Yell, Papil 78 Yell, Papil Burial Ground (Early Medieval), Chapel (Early Medieval), Human Remains(S) (Period Unknown), Midden (Prehistoric) HP50SW 4
90 Balta Midden (Iron Age), Unidentified Pottery (Iron Age) HP60NE 4
112 Unst, Sandwick Midden (Period Unassigned) HP60SW 12
Unst, Housigarth 119 Unst, Housigarth Farmstead (Period Unassigned), Midden (Period Unassigned)(Possible), Sheep Shelter (Period Unassigned), Lithic Implement(S) (Stone), Unidentified Pottery HP60SW 19
Unst, Blue Geos 121 Unst, Blue Geos Building(S) (Prehistoric), Midden (Period Unassigned), Unidentified Pottery (Iron Age) HP60SW 20
Unst, Cross Ness 151 Unst, Cross Ness Midden (Period Unassigned), Structure (Period Unassigned) HP61SE 2
Unst, Cross Geos, Clibberswick 155 Unst, Cross Geos, Clibberswick Building (Norse), Midden (Iron Age), Steatite Quarry (Norse) HP61SE 6
468 Hillswick, West Ayre Midden (Period Unassigned) HU27NE 16
516 Westvoe Midden (Period Unassigned) HU30NE 3
569 Ward Hill Midden (Period Unassigned), Wheelhouse (Iron Age), Hammerstone, Unidentified Pottery (Iron Age) HU31SE 30
677 East Burra, Skeo Hill Midden (Prehistoric)(Possible), Settlement (Prehistoric)(Possible) HU33SE 8
698 Mailland Midden (Period Unassigned), Structure (Period Unassigned) HU34NE 8
927 Mail Midden (Period Unassigned) HU42NW 12
Upper Scalloway 995 Upper Scalloway Broch (Iron Age)(Possible), Burial Ground(S) (Period Unassigned), Midden (Period Unassigned) HU43NW 32
1276 Gunnista, St Ola's Church And Burial-ground Burial Enclosure (Period Unassigned), Burial Ground (Period Unassigned), Church (Medieval), Mausoleum (Period Unassigned), Midden (Period Unassigned), Structure(S) (Period Unassigned) HU54SW 1
1574 Graemsay, Old Parish Church Of Graemsay Burial Ground (Period Unassigned), Church (18th Century), Midden (Period Unassigned), Settlement (Period Unassigned), Lamp (Stone) HY20SE 1
1600 Lyking Chapel (Medieval), Midden (Period Unknown), Pot (Neolithic) HY21NE 10
Yesnaby, Broch Of Borwick 1660 Yesnaby, Broch Of Borwick Broch (Iron Age), Midden (Period Unassigned), Unidentified Pottery (Iron Age) HY21NW 1
Verron 1675 Verron Broch (Iron Age)(Possible), Midden (Period Unassigned) HY21NW 22
1676 Sandwick Church Inhumation(S) (Period Unassigned), Midden (Period Unassigned), Settlement (Period Unassigned)(Possible) HY21NW 23
Skaill 1684 Skaill Midden (Period Unassigned), Settlement (Period Unassigned), Wall (Period Unassigned) HY21NW 30
Birsay, Brough Road 1804 Birsay, Brough Road Cairn (Period Unassigned)(Possible), Human Remains (Period Unassigned), Inhumation (Period Unassigned), Midden (Period Unassigned) HY22NW 16