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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Vaila, Vaila House 311 Vaila, Vaila House Burnt Mound(S) (Prehistoric) HU24NW 22
Vaila, Vaila House 312 Vaila, Vaila House Burnt Mound(S) (Prehistoric) HU24NW 23
313 Breibister Burial Ground (Period Unassigned), Chapel (Period Unassigned) HU24NW 24
314 Loch Of Kirkigarth Burial Ground (Period Unassigned), Chapel (Period Unassigned), Enclosure (Period Unassigned) HU24NW 25
Loch Of Grunnavoe 315 Loch Of Grunnavoe Burnt Mound (Prehistoric) HU24NW 26
316 Footabrough Broch (Iron Age)(Possible) HU24NW 27
317 Walls Polished Axehead (Stone) HU24NW 28
318 Vaila Lithic Implement (Stone) HU24NW 29
319 Forratwatt Burnt Mound (Prehistoric) HU24NW 3
322 Walls, Hand Crane Crane (Period Unassigned) HU24NW 31.01
Loch Of Forratwatt 324 Loch Of Forratwatt Burnt Mound(S) (Prehistoric) HU24NW 4
Loch Of Kirkigarth 325 Loch Of Kirkigarth Burnt Mound (Prehistoric) HU24NW 5
326 Loch Of Kirkigarth Burnt Mound (Prehistoric) HU24NW 6
327 Houll Burnt Mound (Prehistoric) HU24NW 7
Green Knowe, Breibister 328 Green Knowe, Breibister Burnt Mound (Prehistoric) HU24NW 8
895 Mill Loch Stone Setting (Neol/bronze Age)(Possible) HU39SW 7
Sumburgh Head 896 Sumburgh Head Fort (Period Unassigned) HU40NW 1
897 Grutness Occupation Site (Period Unassigned) HU40NW 2
Dalsetter 899 Dalsetter Broch (Iron Age)(Possible) HU41NW 1
900 Virdi Field Ard(S) (Iron Age) HU41NW 10
901 Virdi Field Polished Axehead (Stone) HU41NW 11
902 Troswick Axe Hammer HU41NW 12
904 Geo Of Southdale House (Period Unassigned) HU41NW 14
Dalsetter 907 Dalsetter Field System (Period Unassigned), Settlement (Period Unassigned) HU41NW 2