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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
76 Yell, Brekon Church (Medieval)(Possible) HP50SW 2
Yell, Kirks, Gloup 77 Yell, Kirks, Gloup Chapel (Medieval)(Possible), Cross Slab (Early Medieval) HP50SW 3
Yell, Papil 78 Yell, Papil Burial Ground (Early Medieval), Chapel (Early Medieval), Human Remains(S) (Period Unknown), Midden (Prehistoric) HP50SW 4
79 Yell, Papil, Burn Of Forsc Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HP50SW 5
80 Yell, Clody Settlement (Period Unassigned)(Possible) HP50SW 6
81 Yell, The Wartie Stone (Period Unassigned) HP50SW 7
348400 Blacktop Linear Feature(S) (Period Unassigned) NJ80SE 235
348401 Croftcarnoch Farm Stack Yard (19th Century) NH70SE 103
348457 St Andrews Road, Dingwall Archaeological Landscape (Period Unassigned) NH56SE 65
348458 79 Don Street Site (18th Century) NJ90NW 2733
Yell, Kirks, Gloup 82 Yell, Kirks, Gloup Broch (Iron Age)(Possible), Arrowhead(S), Dagger(S) HP50SW 8
83 Yell, Harpadale Burnt Mound (Prehistoric) HP50SW 9
Unst, Flubersgerdie 84 Unst, Flubersgerdie Broch (Iron Age)(Possible), House Platform(S) (Period Unassigned), Planticrub (Period Unassigned), Promontory Fort (Period Unassigned) HP51SE 1
85 Unst, Baliasta Broch (Iron Age)(Possible), Sheepfold (Period Unassigned) HP51SE 2
86 Unst, Dale Of Woodwick Structure (Period Unassigned) HP51SE 3
Balta, St Sunniva's Chapel 87 Balta, St Sunniva's Chapel Chapel (Early Medieval)(Possible) HP60NE 1
Balta, Geo Of The Brough 88 Balta, Geo Of The Brough Broch (Iron Age) HP60NE 2
89 Balta Building (Period Unassigned), Structure (Iron Age), Unidentified Pottery (Iron Age) HP60NE 3
90 Balta Midden (Iron Age), Unidentified Pottery (Iron Age) HP60NE 4
91 Balta, North Booth Site (Period Unassigned) HP60NE 5
92 Unst Grave (Viking) HP60NW 1
Unst, Baliasta, Old Unst Church And Churchyard With Memorial Enclosures 93 Unst, Baliasta, Old Unst Church And Churchyard With Memorial Enclosures Burial Enclosure (Period Unassigned), Burial Ground (Period Unassigned), Church (18th Century), Churchyard (Period Unassigned) HP60NW 10
94 Unst, Helliers Water Structure (Period Unassigned) HP60NW 11
Unst, Baltasound, Buness House 95 Unst, Baltasound, Buness House Lairds House (17th Century) HP60NW 12