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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Iona, St Oran's Cross 21656 Iona, St Oran's Cross Cross (Period Unassigned) NM22SE 4.07
Iona, St Matthew's Cross 21655 Iona, St Matthew's Cross Cross (Period Unassigned) NM22SE 4.06
Iona, St John's Cross 21654 Iona, St John's Cross Cross (Period Unassigned) NM22SE 4.05
Iona, St Martin's Cross 21653 Iona, St Martin's Cross Cross (Period Unassigned) NM22SE 4.04
Iona Monastery, St Columba's Shrine 21652 Iona Monastery, St Columba's Shrine Shrine (Period Unassigned) NM22SE 4.03
Iona, Iona Monastery, Vallum 21651 Iona, Iona Monastery, Vallum Enclosure (Period Unassigned), Sanctuary Marker (Period Unassigned) NM22SE 4.02
Iona Monastery, Torr An Aba 21650 Iona Monastery, Torr An Aba Cell (Period Unassigned), Cross Base (Early Medieval) NM22SE 4.01
Iona, Early Christian Monastery 21649 Iona, Early Christian Monastery Monastic Settlement (Period Unassigned) NM22SE 4
Iona, St Mary's Chapel 21619 Iona, St Mary's Chapel Chapel (Period Unassigned) NM22SE 12
Iona, Tobar A' Cheathain 21618 Iona, Tobar A' Cheathain Well (Period Unassigned) NM22SE 11
Iona, St Oran's Chapel And Reilig Odhrain Burial Ground 21617 Iona, St Oran's Chapel And Reilig Odhrain Burial Ground Burial Ground (Period Unassigned), Chapel (Period Unassigned), Cross Slab (Early Medieval), Well (Period Unassigned) NM22SE 10
21627 Iona, Iona Abbey Coin Hoard NM22SE 2
88396 Iona, Clachanach No Class (Event) NM22SE 59
Iona, Sruth A' Mhuilinn 79913 Iona, Sruth A' Mhuilinn Mill (Period Unassigned)(Possible) NM22SE 50
79912 Iona Abbey No Class (Event) NM22SE 49