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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Jarlshof 513 Jarlshof Broch (Iron Age), Farm (Medieval), Settlement (Neolithic), Settlement (Iron Age), Settlement (Bronze Age), Settlement (Norse), Settlement (Viking), Wheelhouse(S) (Iron Age) HU30NE 1
Lewis, Bhaltos, Cnip 4007 Lewis, Bhaltos, Cnip Barrow (Early Bronze Age)(Possible), Cemetery (Viking), Cist (Early Bronze Age), Inhumation(S) (Viking), Inhumation (Early Bronze Age), Bead(S) (Amber)(Viking), Pin (Bone)(Viking), Vessel (Pottery)(Early Bronze Age) NB03NE 15
Barra, Borve 9715 Barra, Borve Barrow (Viking), Inhumation (Viking), Standing Stone (Viking), Brooch(S) (Bronze)(Viking), Comb (Viking), Scabbard (Viking), Sword (Viking), Whetstone (Viking) NF60SE 14
Unst, Sandwick 127 Unst, Sandwick Bead (Viking), Implement(S) (Bone)(Viking), Knife, Lamp (Viking), Needle(S) (Viking), Pin(S) (Viking), Ring (Viking), Spindle Whorl(S) (Viking), Whetstone (Viking) HP60SW 26
Westray, Quoygrew 2919 Westray, Quoygrew Building (Medieval) - (Post Medieval), Kelp Pit (18th Century) - (20th Century), Naust (Viking), Settlement (Viking) - (Medieval), Coin(S) (16th Century) - (17th Century) HY45SW 4
Sanday, Quoy Banks 3494 Sanday, Quoy Banks Inhumation(S) (Viking), Mound (Viking), Ship Burial (Viking) HY64NE 7
Oronsay, Carn A' Bharraich 37816 Oronsay, Carn A' Bharraich Inhumation(S) (Viking), Ship Burial (Viking) NR38NE 4
Colonsay, Kiloran Bay 38173 Colonsay, Kiloran Bay Burial (Viking), Cross Incised Stone(S) (Viking), Ship Burial (Viking)(Possible), Coin(S) (9th Century), Harness Mount(S) (Viking), Sword (Viking) NR49NW 14
Rousay, Westness 2204 Rousay, Westness Cemetery (Viking), Brooch(S) (Viking) HY32NE 7
Langay 10515 Langay Inhumation (Viking), Brooch(S) (Bronze)(Viking), Needle (Viking), Pin (Viking) NG08SW 1
Islay, Ballinaby 2 37408 Islay, Ballinaby 2 Inhumation (Viking), Adze (Viking), Ladle (Bronze)(Viking), Mount(S) (Bronze)(Viking), Spearhead (Iron)(Viking), Sword (Viking) NR26NW 4.01
Islay, Ballinaby 3 37410 Islay, Ballinaby 3 Inhumation (Viking), Long Cist (Viking), Axehead (Iron)(Viking), Buckle (Viking), Shield (Viking), Sword (Viking) NR26NW 4.03
Arran, Kingscross Point 40078 Arran, Kingscross Point Burial (Viking), Cairn (Viking), Coin (Viking) NS02NE 3
1665 Bay Of Skaill Long Cist (Viking), Animal Remains (Viking), Comb (Bone)(Viking), Spearhead (Viking) HY21NW 13
Reay 7252 Reay Cemetery (Viking)(Possible) NC96NE 13
Freswick Links 9293 Freswick Links Cist (Period Unassigned), Midden (Period Unassigned), Settlement (Period Unassigned), Lithic Implement (Flint), Pin(S) (Bronze), Unidentified Pottery ND36NE 4
11525 Skye, Storr Rock Bracelet (Viking), Coin(S) (10th Century), Coin Hoard (Viking), Penannular Brooch (Viking) NG55SW 4
Gulberwick 978 Gulberwick Findspot (20th Century), Brooch (Silver)(Viking) HU43NW 14
Skaill 1666 Skaill Hoard (Silver) HY21NW 14
Stenness 2127 Stenness Building (Viking), Inhumation (Viking), Pin (Bronze)(Viking) HY31SW 4
Westray, Links Of Trenabie 2920 Westray, Links Of Trenabie Grave(S) (Viking), Axe (Viking), Comb (Viking), Drinking Vessel (Viking), Sword (Viking)(Possible) HY45SW 5
Brough Of Deerness 2927 Brough Of Deerness Chapel (Viking), Monastic Settlement (Viking)(Possible) HY50NE 14
North Uist, Baleshare, Sloc Sabhaidh 10009 North Uist, Baleshare, Sloc Sabhaidh Cremation(S) (Viking), Midden (Viking), Wheelhouse (Iron Age), Flake(S) (Flint)(Viking), Mount (Copper Alloy)(Iron Age), Ring (Bronze)(Viking), Unidentified Pottery (Viking) NF76SE 19
10469 Ensay Burial (Viking), Balance(S) (Bronze)(Viking), Hammer (Viking) NF98NE 5