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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Linlithgow, Linlithgow Palace 49261 Linlithgow, Linlithgow Palace Palace (Medieval) NT07NW 9
Linlithgow, Linlithgow Palace, Fountain 262603 Linlithgow, Linlithgow Palace, Fountain Fountain (16th Century) NT07NW 9.06
49177 Linlithgow Palace Unidentified Pottery (Roman) NT07NW 10
Linlithgow, Linlithgow Palace, Royal Chapel 214702 Linlithgow, Linlithgow Palace, Royal Chapel Chapel (Period Unassigned) NT07NW 9.03
244140 Linlithgow, The Peel Building(S) (Period Unassigned), Ditch(S) (Period Unassigned), Fort (Period Unassigned)(Possible) NT07NW 9.04
283958 Linlithgow Palace No Class (Event) NT07NW 290
49199 Linlithgow Coin Hoard (Medieval) NT07NW 3
248027 Linlithgow, Linlithgow Palace, Pond Pond (Period Unassigned) NT07NW 9.05
Linlithgow, Linlithgow Loch 293918 Linlithgow, Linlithgow Loch Harbour (Period Unassigned) NT07NW 300
300616 Linlithgow Loch No Class (Event) NT07NW 302
305940 Linlithgow Loch No Class NT07NW 304
Linlithgow Palace 71540 Linlithgow Palace Cropmark(S) (Period Unknown), Enclosure (Period Unassigned)(Possible), Temporary Camp (Roman)(Possible) NT07NW 85
Linlithgow Palace, Gateway 214050 Linlithgow Palace, Gateway Gatehouse (Period Unassigned), Gateway (Period Unassigned) NT07NW 9.01
Linlithgow Palace, Lodge 214051 Linlithgow Palace, Lodge Gate Lodge (Period Unassigned) NT07NW 9.02
Linlithgow, The Cross, Cross Well 49178 Linlithgow, The Cross, Cross Well Fountain (Period Unassigned), Market Cross (Period Unassigned), Well (16th Century) NT07NW 11
Linlithgow, The Cross, Town House 49180 Linlithgow, The Cross, Town House Town House (17th Century) NT07NW 13
Linlithgow, St Michael's Church 49181 Linlithgow, St Michael's Church Burial Ground (Period Unassigned), Burial Vault (17th Century), Church (16th Century), War Memorial (20th Century) NT07NW 14
49184 Linlithgow, Magdalene Cross Cross (Period Unassigned) NT07NW 16
260691 Linlithgow, The Cross, District Court Court House (Period Unassigned) NT07NW 13.01
262851 Linlithgow, 16 - 18 High Street Hotel (Period Unassigned) NT07NW 256