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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Myreton Hill 47097 Myreton Hill Building (Period Unassigned), Clearance Cairn(S) (Period Unassigned), Dun (Iron Age)-(Early Medieval), Hut (Period Unassigned), Pen (Period Unassigned) NS89NE 49
Lipney 47147 Lipney Building(S) (Post Medieval)(Possible), Field System (Post Medieval), Quarry(S) (Post Medieval) NS89NW 41
Myreton Hill 47095 Myreton Hill Building (Period Unassigned), Enclosure (Period Unassigned), Hut (Period Unassigned)(Possible) NS89NE 47
47096 Myreton Hill Boundary Bank (Period Unassigned), Enclosure (Period Unassigned) NS89NE 48
Loss Burn 47146 Loss Burn Country House (18th Century) - (19th Century), Farmstead (18th Century) - (19th Century), Kiln Barn (Post Medieval) NS89NW 40.01
Dumyat 47155 Dumyat Byre Dwelling(S) (Post Medieval), Farmstead (Post Medieval)(Possible), Hut (Post Medieval) NS89NW 49
Red Brae 47160 Red Brae Enclosure (19th Century), Shepherds Cottage (19th Century) NS89NW 53
Ashentrool 74629 Ashentrool Corn Drying Kiln (Post Medieval), Enclosure (Post Medieval), Farmstead (19th Century), Farmstead(S) (18th Century), Sheep House (Post Medieval) NS89NW 56.01
Backadykes, Dumyat 111557 Backadykes, Dumyat Farmstead (18th Century), Field System (18th Century), Rig And Furrow (18th Century) NS89NW 69
Jerah 111987 Jerah Enclosure(S) (Post Medieval), Farmstead (Post Medieval), Field System (Post Medieval), Track (Post Medieval) NS89NW 63.01
Fossachie 111988 Fossachie Farmstead (Post Medieval), Field System (Post Medieval), Rig And Furrow (Medieval) - (Post Medieval) NS89NW 64
Second Inchna Burn 144312 Second Inchna Burn Farmstead (Post Medieval) NS89NE 56.01
Myreton Hill 144322 Myreton Hill Enclosure(S) (Post Medieval), Farmstead (Post Medieval), Field System (Post Medieval), Track (Post Medieval) NS89NE 111
Ashentrool 144980 Ashentrool Enclosure (Post Medieval), Farmstead (Post Medieval), Mill (Post Medieval)(Possible) NN80SW 24
Third Inchna Burn 144988 Third Inchna Burn Farmstead (Post Medieval) NS89NW 54.01
Ashentrool 144996 Ashentrool Enclosure(S) (Post Medieval), Field System(S) (Medieval) - (Post Medieval), Head Dyke (Post Medieval)(Possible), Rig And Furrow (Medieval) - (Post Medieval), Track(S) (Post Medieval) NS89NW 56.02
144998 Loss Hill Bank (Earthwork)(S) (Medieval) - (Post Medieval), Shieling Hut(S) (Medieval) - (Post Medieval) NS89NW 56.04
Loss Hill 145007 Loss Hill Byre Dwelling (Post Medieval)(Possible), Field Boundary (Medieval) - (Post Medieval), Shieling Hut(S) (Medieval) - (Post Medieval) NS89NW 56.05
Loss Hill 145012 Loss Hill Enclosure (Post Medieval), Sheep House (Post Medieval) NS89NW 56.09
Jerah 145021 Jerah Shieling Hut(S) (Medieval) - (Post Medieval) NS89NW 63.05
145026 Crunie Burn Shieling Hut(S) (Medieval) - (Post Medieval) NS89NW 71
Backside Of Lipney 145032 Backside Of Lipney Corn Drying Kiln (17th Century) - (18th Century), Farmstead (17th Century) - (18th Century) NS89NW 72.01
145039 Dumyat Enclosure(S) (Medieval), Shieling Hut(S) (Medieval) - (Post Medieval) NS89NW 74
145072 Dumyat Building(S) (Medieval) - (Post Medieval), Shieling Hut(S) (Medieval) - (Post Medieval) NS89NW 75