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Field Visit

Date 1 August 2005

Event ID 996318

Category Recording

Type Field Visit


A two-emplacement heavy anti-aircraft battery is situated at the top of the hill in an area annotated on current OS maps as 'Ranol' overlooking Lews Castle and Stornoway and within Stornoway Golf course on the 50m OD contour line.

The brick and concrete octagonal emplacements (NB 41948 33628 and NB 41973 33641) measure about 8.80m in diameter internally and 13.20m in diameter overall. The entrances are to the N and NW respectively and are now heavily covered in dense vegetation especially bramble bushes. Both emplacements have ready-use ammunition lockers and crew shelters built against the outer wall.

The command position (NB 41939 33661) is situated about 29m NW of the emplacements. Built of brick and concrete it has been partially demolished, only the N wall and the two gable ends survive. Evidence for the compartment layout can still be seen on the surviving walls.

No holdfasts for the guns were noted on the date of visit and no evidence could be seen for them in the concrete platform.

A further concrete structure was noted at NB 42004 33591, it was not entered on the date of visit and the purpose remains unknown.

Visited by RCAHMS (DE, CS), 1 August 2005

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