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Field Visit

Date 31 August 1996

Event ID 973805

Category Recording

Type Field Visit


These barrows were surveyed as part of the Orkney Barrows Project in September 1996, along with those called Elsness or Sivers Geo on the W side of the promontory.

The barrows are for the most part in good condition. With the linking earthen bank, this is a very substantial monument and a unique group. It should be noted that these are earthen barrows, not cairns, and should not be confused with stone-dyke-linking-cists feature as at Dennis Ness and Tor Ness.

Egmondshowe 1 (k): Diameter 9.0m. Height 0.35m.

Egmondshowe 2 (j): Measures 7.0m by 5.0m. Height 0.5-0.6m.

Egmondshowe 3 (i): Diameter 12.0m. Height 0.65m. Some slabs and uprights visible. This is the most prominent mound, visible from the W. It may be visible from the sea.

Egmondshowe 4 (h): Diameter 6.0m. Height 0.25m.

Egmondshowe 5 (g): Measures 13.0m by 9.0m. Height 0.6m. Stone uprights visible.

Egmondshowe 6 (f): Measures 11m NS by 7m EW. Height 0.4m.

Egmondshowe 7 (e): Measures 10m NS by 7m EW. Height 0.5m.

Egmondshowe 8 (d): Measures 11m EW by 6m NS. Height 0.2m.

Egmondshowe 9 (c): Measures 12m EW by 7m NS. Height 0.3m.

Egmondshowe 10 (b): Measures 10m EW by 7m NS. Height 0.3m. Some stones visible.

Egmondshowe 11 (a): Diameter 7.0m. Height 0.4m.

None of the mounds are prominent, but are probably visible from Tres Ness, 3.5km away.

Information from the Orkney Barrows Project (JD), 1996

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