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Architecture Notes

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In SW Aberdeenshire, in the valley of the River Don, near Cockbridge.

In the National Library of Scotland is a series of Military Maps and Drawings, many coloured, of the Board of Ordnance, relating to the C18th, reference "MSS. 1645-1652". In case or volume No. 1649 are the following drawing relating to Corgarff, or Corgarff Castle:-

Number. Year.

Z.3/35 No date "Plans Sections and Elevation of the Barrack at Cargarff" with explanation. Scale 10 feet to an inch. Coloured. Drawn by Chas. Tarrant. Signed by W. Skinner.

Z.3/37 1748 "Plan of Corgarff Castle as it stands at present". Scale 10 Feet to an Inch. Dated Edinr 25th April 1748. Decketted on back "Recd. with the copy of Lieutenant Colonel David Watson's letter to Mr Skinner dated 12th Mat 1748".

" 1748 "Plan of the Repairs for Corgarff Castle, Edinr, 25 April 1748". Drawings shows plans and sections, to a scale of 10 feet to an inch. Docketted on back as last.

" 1748 "Plan of the ground storey of Corgarff Castle with the New Additions" of Bakehouse and Guard Room. Scale 10 feet to an Inch. Docketted on back as two previous drawings.

Z.3/37 No date "Old Plans and Section of Corgarff Castle" and plans and section shewing "Repairs"; and on the same sheet "Plans Section and Elevation shewing Repairs to Braemar Castle". To the small scale of 20 feet to an inch. There is no date. There is also a copy. This drawing is also indexed under Braemar Castle.

Z.3/36 1785 "Sketch of the loop-holed walls built round the Castles of Corgarff & Braemar". No Scale. Signed by A. Frazer 31st Decr. 1785. It is noted that Corgarff was first taken possession of by the troops in March 1748 and Braemar first occupied in February 1749.

This drawing is also indexed under Braemar Castle.

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