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Architecture Notes

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Penicuik House [NT25NW 25] and its stables [NT25NW 26] were built in 1761. Following a fire at the house in 1899, the stables were converted into the new family residence, sometimes referred to as New Penicuik House.

For architectural notes please consult [NT25NW 25] and [NT25NW 26] as many notes apply to both the house and the stables (new house).


Owner: Sir John Clerk of Penicuik


John Baxter (with Sir J. Clerk) 1761

Statues of Druids - Willie Jeans 1776

David Bryce - adds of wings 1857

Old Penicuik House burnt c. 1899


Dick Peddie & MacKay, Edinburgh new gate-lodge & gates

Bin 5, Bag 2 Peddie & Kinnear 1872-3

'Edinburgh Magazine' May 1880

Print and description


Scottish Record Office:

Description of a visit to Penicuik House.

Letter from [?Andrew] Barclay to William Charles Little.

He describes the approach to the house, the Walks in the grounds, and an antechamber in the house 'the roof of which goes up like a pyramid'.

Liberton Papers and Correspondence 1558-1793 (page 94).

1776 GD 122/iv/no. 76

The building of a family house.

Advice by Sir John Clerk.

[18th c.] GD 18/1855

Workman's accounts (3). Accounts for stucco windows, 28 balusters, slates and wright work (Jo Johnston). Mason's account for arching the windows of the house and pointing the cornice.

1778-82 GD 18/1427

1734 with additions 1737 and 1741. Memorandum by Sir John Clerk concerning the building of Pennycuik House [originally called Newbigging] during the lifetime of his grandfather, his father and himself from 1656-1734

GD 18/1758

Barony bought 1656. House of Newbigging consisted of a round stair and 3 or 4 rooms. Additions. A square building containing dining room and drawing room. A row of unequal buildings on N side. Offices.

(after 1674). Removal of vaults.

Adding of "a building of communication".

1692. Jambs built. By 1722 these were where the charter and chaplain's rooms were.

1878-1908. Estimates for repairs and alterations at Penicuik House. Includes work in dining room, dome roof, clock, fountain and gas supply.

GD 18/1761

1762. Plans for buidling a new house at Penicuik. Letter from Robert Clerk to [Sir James Clerk] criticising Sir James' plans for building and suggesting various alterations. Letter was sent to Robert Adam and received his approval.

GD 18/1758b

1761-67. Building and furnishing of the new house and offices of Penicuik. Account book includes payments to Mr Adam, Mr John Adam, Mr John Baxter, Architect. [Alexander] Runciman, artist, Mr Anderson, carver, Mr Thompson, carver and Dougal McClarin, gilder. Cost: #14248. 6. 9.

GD 18/1758a

John Baxter architect copied Sir James Clerk's draughts & appears to have been in charge of building.

1761. Payments to Mr Adam #5. 5. consultation

1763 #230. 8. 3.

92. 5. 0.

1769 6. 5. 6. Marble work for dome

6. 8. 6. Col. slabs for tables

1764. Payment to Mr John Adam.

Frequent payments to Messrs Runciman.

1898-1905. (one newspaper report).

Papers relating to the fire at Penicuik House. (16).

Accounts and report on work by James Tait, builder.

GD 18/1763

1680-1700. Contacts. Additions Pennycook House. Sir John Clerk - masons & slaters. & Accounts.

GD 18/1752

N.D. Sketch of [Penicuik House?].

GD 18/1759

19th c. Account of the house of Penicuik and its surroundings.

GD 18/1496

Inventory of dimensions and account of wright, plaster and slater work.

[Early 18th c]

GD 18/1846

Papers relating to the fire at Penicuik House (16). Accounts and report on work by James Tait, builder.

1898-1905 GD 18/1763

Two chimney pieces. Commission to Sir James Clerk. John Baxter, architect writes that two of the chimney pieces are finished and have given great satisfaction in Rome. The one with the Cariatides is mentioned specially.

1765 GD 18/5015

Drawing of Roman sculptures at Penicuik House. They have been found in 'a littile temple near Midlebie'.

1732 GD 18/5044

Defence of the architecture of his house. Copy of a letter from Sir James Clerk to his cousin Col. Clerk.

1762 GD 18/5014

Progress in building. Letters to John Clerk of Pennycook, while in France from Elizabeth Henderson, his wife.

1676 GD 18/5175

Estimates for repairs and alterations at Penicuik House. Include work in dining room, Dome roof, clock, fountain and gas supply.

1878-1908 GD 18/1761

Building of a bridge under the approach to Penicuik House. The bridge is to have 3 arches of 20 feet span and about 40 feet high.

Advertisment for contractors.


GD 18/1431

S.R.O. RHP 9369 - 9371, 9373-9375, 9378 1687-1757 - plans of gardens and parks

National Library - Small's "Castles and Mansions of the Lothians" - article and photographs

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