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Architecture Notes

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NMRS Notes:

Argyll, Inveraray Castle.


Roger Morris, 1744-1761. William and John Adam as Masters of Works.

Robert Mylne, 1772-1785 - interior decoration.

Anthony Salvin - additions 1878 after fire in 1877.

Matthew Digby Wyatt - porch.

J. Bonomi 1806 - proposed alterations for the castle.

Sir John Vanburgh, C. 1720 - designs for the castle.

Alexander MacGill. 1720-1721, - additions to former castle, and design for a new house.

John Adam, 1753-1760.

Scottish Record Office.

Argyll, Inveraray Castle.

An Avenue to the Castle.

All the houses 'above Widow Clerk's ' are to be taken down in order to make an avenue and give more view to the castle.

Letter from John Campbell to John Campbell, younger, of Barcaldine.

1722 GD 170/1013/1

The building of Inveraray Castle.

'.........our old good man keeps us in action with his stone and lime work as our great house is going on with all the dispatch which the season admits'.

Letter from Alexander Campbell to Colin Campbell of Glenure.

1746. GD 170/912.

The building of Inveraray Castle.

Visit of *[James] Adam, architect who, according to John Campbell of Danna came 'not to accelerate our works but the contrary'.

1761 GD 170/1016/66/p.264.

*[James Adam, 1732-1784].

NMRS Library.

Inveraray Castle.

Acc No. 1993/179.

"A series of sketches of the existing localities alluded to in the Waverley novels. Etched from original drawings by James Skene Esq. Edinburgh 1829.

Page 116.

(. . "these Sketches do not presume to claim any merit beyond that of strict fidelity; with this proviso, that such subjects as are now in ruins, are, where practicable, restored to the state they were in at the particular period assumed by the Author of Waverley").

Inveraray, Porter's Lodge.


Architect: Robert Mylne, 1785.

NMRS Photographs.

Inveraray Castle and Estate.

Photostat copies and negs from a folio of drawings belonging to Mr. R.Q.C. Stevenson. Copied 1990.

The folio, with marbled paper and card cover, is fragmented, but contains fine black ink and wash drawings, some signed 'R.Hunter, del'. Each of the drawing sheets measures 32 x 48cm. the drawings seem to have been copied from original designs by Roger Morris, William, and John Adam (?), for an unknown purpose, perhaps for publication? (Some of the drawings have a black line carefully drawn around the margin).

'R. Hunter' is likely to be Robert Hunter, (b.1733), son of George Hunter a mason at Inveraray who had a major role in the building of the castle and estate, being particularly engaged as deputy to Johyn Adam, whose designs for Cherry Park and Malt Park Land stables and offices are copied? here. George Hunter seems to have been a favourite of John Adam, and probably of the Duke. George can be seen to promote his son, Robert, to follow in his footsteps: In a letter dated 29 September 1756, he reminds the Duke that Robert "was two years at London with Mr. Morris (James) Your Grace's Architect through Your Graces's Interest In the Drawing way and has been nigh two years in the operative way since under your Grace".

Clearly, this young Robert was training as a gentleman architect, and the drawings represented here may be part of his learning process in the art of draughtsmanship. It is worth noting that another Robert Hunter, also worked as a mason at Inveraray. (Details, Lindsay/Cosh, Inveraray Castle, Edinburgh University Press, 1973, pp 68ff, and n.99).

Some of the drawings are of such a quantity to suggest that they were produced in the Adam Office, perhaps by John Adam himself?? (The unsigned ones), although if R.Hunter was training under James Morris, it is concievable that he himself was capable of such draughtsmanship.

{Please see B 30634, B 30635, B 30536}.

NMRS Plans:

Inveraray Castle.

I.G.Lindsay Collection, W/131.

Cherry Park, estate office.

I.G.Lindsay Collection, W/147.

NMRS Printroom.

W. Schomberg Scott Photograph Collection.

1 general exterior view.

Accession no. 1997/39.

(Undated) information in NMRS.

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