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Architecture Notes

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Category Descriptive Accounts

Type Architecture Notes


NT17SE 62.00 17399 74698

ARCHITECT: William Adam (several additions)

Copied from catalogue slip

'Cammo House Inventory of furniture and fittings', 1987 - manuscript notebook


Caledonia Mercury Inf. from John Gifford, Buildings of Scotland:

April 20, 1742 Sale of furniture: consisting of:

standing Beds, Feather Beds, Tapestry Chairs, Tables, Mirrours of different kinds, a good collection of Prints, fine Marble tables, Marble Vases, four fine figures of Marble, representing the Judgement of Paris by Sinor Tugini, and four antique Marble bustos...'


GD 150/3199/11

Building of a stair and 'rubble building in walls, arches etc. and passages under the terrace'

Estimate amounting to ?205.10.10.

(James Salisbury, Architect. (Working 1774 - 1800))

GD 150/3199/12

Paving the floors of the cellars. Additional estimate from James Salisbury, Architect, (working 1774 - 1800) amounts to ?12 or ?14. 23 March, 1787

GD 150/3199/13

Building of a stair and cellars under the Terrace. Letter from James Salibury, Architect, (working 1774 - 1800) to Charles Watson Esq of Saughton. He offer to furnish all materials and carry out the work for the sum of ?200.

4 April, 1787

GD 150/3199/14 - 22

Building of a stair and cellars for Charles Watson of Saugton Esq by James Salisbury, Architect, (working 1774 - 1800). Receipts amounting o ?300

1787 - 1791

GD 150/3199/31 - 32

Greenhouse built for Charles Watson of Saughton. Receipted accounts from mason and glazier. Mason: Walter Young


GD 150/3311/91

Chimney piece of Sienna and Statuary marble. Receipted account from John Veitch, Edinburgh forsupplying and setting up the chimney piece for Charles Watson of Saughton.


GD 150/3311/92

Chimney pieces. Receipted account from John Liddle, Edinburgh, for 3 chimney pieces, the one for the Drawing room 'richly carved' supplied to Charles Watson of Saughton.

1781 - 1782

GD 150/3312/3/56

Completion of the Dining Room. Joiners have repaired the old work and completed new work which included bound work in doorshutters, soffits, pilasters and moulds for architraves. An upholsterer has canvassed and papered the room.

Receipted account for ?25.19.12 from Peter Dods.


GD 150/3314/1/2 - 3X

(Cross ref.GD150/3316/13)

Account for painting which includes work in Drawing room, dressing room and Dining room and for gilding the edges of shelves of cupboards. It amounts to ?36.9.9. William Somervell, Painter. Work measured by Archibald Aitkin.

1782 - 1783

GD 150/3314/1/31 - 31X

Account for furnishings and for plaster and wright work undertaken in Parlour, Dressing room and Garret. It includes providing moulds for architraves and enriched cornices, making skirtings and facings, bordering hearths with mahogany and supplying and hanging papers. Young and Trotter. The account amounts to ?190.8.4. Payments completed 1784.

1781 - 1782

GD 150/3314/1/32X

Account for supplying marble, setting up chimneys, altering and polishing old chimney and hearth. It amounts to ?12.1.11 1/2. Alexander Whyte, marble cutter.


GD 150/3315/1/65 - 69X

Papering, painting and repairs.

Receipted account from Archibald Bathgate for work undertaken for Charles Watson of Saughton and includes papering the High Back room and painting the High Front room. Payment to Charles Esplin for paper.


GD 150/3316/13

(Cross ref. GD/3314/1/2 - 3X)

Account for painting which includes work in Drawing room and Dining room. It amounts to ?29.0.9 William Somervell, Painter.

1783 - 1785

GD 150/3321/53 - 54X

Chimney piece for parlour. Receipted account from James Liddle, carver, Edinburgh.


GD 150/3325/31 - 34X

Building of a gate. Estimate for a gate to be built according to a plan and with stone from Redhall Quarry. Receipt for building the pillars. Robert Gray, mason.


GD 150/3325/63 - 64X

Receipted account form William White for supplying a large circular iron gate 'framed in the best manner' and weighing 666lbs. ?33.16.0


GD 150/3326/122 - 132

Building of a porter's lodge at the gate of the mansion house at a cost of ?62. Estimates (2), accounts for lime, measurement of the work and receipted account from Thomas Paries, mason.

1788 - 1789

GD 150/3326/134

Building the hall chimney. Receipted account from Robert Gray, Mason.


GD 150/3326/135 - 146

Building of a scullery and laundry 'according to the draught being intended to be built as additional wing to the house.' Estimates, accounts and receipts. Robert Gray, mason.


GD 150/3330/65 - 67X

Painting the Drawing room, dressing room and staircase. The work included a carved frieze and chimney piece. Receipted account form William and Nicol Somervill.


GD 150/3352/29/31X

Account, receipt and Measure of the slating done at the New Addition for James Watson by Thomas Stewart in 1814. It includes slating over the new rooms and staircase. Thomas Brown - Surveyor.


GD 150/3353/77

Addition to the mansion house. Receipted account from James Watson for altering the Plan of the new addition, writing the specification and inspecting the work.


GD 150/3353/98 - 103

Addition to the mansion house. Receipts and measurement of wright work. Payments amounts to ?451.11.9. Walter Wallace, wright.

1814 - 1815

GD 150/3352/106 - 107X

Dove marble chimney piece. Receipted account from Robert Burn and Co, Leith.


GD 150/3353/54 - 56X

Plasterwork in the new addition to the house. Receipted account amounting to ?67.8.6 for work undertaken by McLaurian and McIntyre.


GD 150/3353/109

Dimensions of the new wing built for James Watson of Saughton at New Saughton. Included in an account for harling and mason working. John Samuel, mason.


GD 150/3352/125 - 126

Receipted account for working 8 frames of tirlace (76 Feet) (tirlass) for the addition. Margaret Borthwick.


GD 150/3351

Building an addition. Receipt for sum due to his father for mason and plasterwork from James Wilson, junior.

1814 (receipted 1815)

GD 150/3330/104 - 105x

Slating 'the little house in the garden'. Receipts for slates from Thomas Paries.


GD 150/3311/14 - 16x

Building the orchard walls. Receipted accounts from Thomas Paries, mason.


GD 150/3310

Building the East and West walls of the new garden. Receipted account from Thomas Paries, mason.


GD 150/3326

Building of a porter's lodge at the gate of the mansion house at a cost of ?62. Receipt.


GD 150/3199

Building of a stair and terrace. Account and receipts from James Salisbury ?300.

1787 - 1791

GD 150/3199

Greenhouse built. Walter Young, mason. List of plants followed. ?45

1794 - 1795

GD 150/3326

Estimate and discharge of building additional wing at the house of New Saughton. Robert Gray, mason.


GD 150/3525/25

Sketch of a mineral well to be built by James Wyllie for 'James Walton of Saughton at Cramont'. Plan and elevation.



Sketch Plan of enclosures about Cammo shewing parterre, lodges, forecourt etc and adjoining buildings

Nov 9th, 1722

GD 18/1679

Conditions of sale of Cammo by Sir John Clerk to Mr to include bedsteads and hangings of rooms, equipment in kitchens and offices.......that all the prints in frames (Print Room) shall belong to sd purchaser with two largest tables in the House.

Excludes all the pictures in oile collores shall belong to said Sir John likeways all the moveable chimnies with their apurtenanbes, all the tables except the two afore mentioned all the glasses or mirrors all the chairs all the feather beds and bolsters sheets and blankets of any kind whatsoever all the chaires the clock a scrutoire in Sd Sir John's Bedchamer etc............

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