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Architecture Notes

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Category Descriptive Accounts

Type Architecture Notes


ARCHITECT: Robert Adam 1789

William H Playfair 1819-27

Sir Rowand Anderson 1879 -the Dome

Ian G Lindsay and Partners (Renovation) c1966-77

Guide to Ian G Lindsay Collection.

IGL W612/1-24,28 South side and South-East corner.

IGL W612/25-26 South side basement and South-East corner.

IGL W612/27 South-East corner basement.

IGL W612/29 Reid Room and Vestibule.

IGL W612/30 Centre for European Studies.

IGL W612/31-34 Student Art Centre.

IGL W612/35-36 Student Art Cetnre (Phase II) and Senate Hall.

IGL W612/37, 44 Senate Hall.

IGL W612/38-42 Picture Gallery for South-West corner.

IGL W612/43 Proposed site for Senate Hall in South-West corner.

IGL W612/45-51 North Wing Law Faculty.

IGL W612/52-53 Miscellaneous Drawing.

IGL W612/54-59 Site Plans.

IGL W612/60-68 Engineering Drawings.

IGL W654/1 Principal's Room.

IGL W655/1 Court Room.

IGL W664/1 Raeburn Room.

IGL W809/1 Law Faculty Reading Room.

IGL W894/1-3 Law Faculty, Department of Criminology.


Scottish Country Life Vol VIII, No 12, December 1921, pp 453-5;

Scottish Field, June 1961 pp.30 (article and photograph)


Country Life, 1st August 1925 (Photographs);

Diary of General Fletcher, 31 May and 30 August, 1790 -Information on building of University and use of Craigleith stone.


Accession G.72284 (circa 1880) -3 photographs


University Buildings. Poor condition of its schools and public rooms and the necessity to raise money for new buildings by public subscription. Letter and a Memorial.

1768 GD 150/2651

Proposal to rebuild the University upon a new plan. The cost is to be borne by public subscription. Letter to the Earl of Morton for Gilbert Laurie, Provost and Chancellor, and William Robertson, Principal of the University, a Memorial (printed) and a subscription paper.

5 March 1768 GD150/2651/1-3

Edinburgh-Proposed New College. The new college is to be paid for by subscription and already ?12,000 is subscribed. John Wauchope W.S. (The Earl of Marchmont's Commissioner in Scotland) asks if the Earl wishes to send a donation. Letter.

1789 GD 158/2625/58

Proposed New College. Report of the meeting of the Committee appointed by the Town Council, with the Principal, several Professors and Robert Adam, Architect. The order of the procession for laying the foundation stone is given.

1789 GD 158/603

Proposed new building for the University of Edinburgh. An anonymous letter to Henry Dundas. The writer suggests that money should be raised for the project by appropriation of part of lottery profits.

1792 GD 51/5/636

Engraving. Receipt for donation to the Museum of Natural History. The heading of the receipt is a print of an engraving by W H Lizars. Architect: W H Playfair.

1823 GD 157/2417/1

The College Museum. Robert Jameson, Professor Natural History and Keeper of the Museum of the University of Edinburgh, to Harriet Scott. He acknowledges a donation to the Museum. The heading of the receipt is a print of an engraving by W H Lizars of the Museum. (Designed by W H Playfair 1790-1857).

1823 GD 157/2417/1

Edinburgh University. Memorandum and reports on accommodation to be provided in altered plan of new buildings (Old College), perhaps in connection with application for government grant (28 items), including:

1. Memorandum on alterations to Robert Adam's plan;

2. Report on accommodation for principal (Rev. Dr Baird);

3. Report on chemistry class (Fr. Hope);

4. Report on practice of medicine class (Dr Gregory);

12. Report on library;

13. Report on Scots law class (Mr Hume);

16. Report on theological classes (Rev. Dr Ritchie etc.);

18. Report on universal history class (Mr Fraser Tytler);

21. Report on anatomical class (Dr Monro);

22. Report on natural philosophy class (Mr Playfair);

26. Report on apartments for Royal Society;

27. Report on apartments for Speculative Society;

28. Report on public rooms.

1815 and undated SRO/E342/80


LIBRARY, MANUSCRIPTS DEPARTMENT -Details of the lottery scheme, c1790.


Playfair Collection -25 Sheets.

Playfair Collection:

-Museum (Natural History Class, etc) 1817-19 -147 sheets (P.1);

-Museum Mason Work 1817 -35 sheets;

- 5 sheets as designed by Robert Adam (P.2);

-Divinity Hall 1817 -12 sheets (P.2);

-Speculative Society 1818 -19 sheets (P.2);

-Eastern Buildings 1818 -108 sheets;

-Northern Buildings 1821 -84 sheets (P.3);

-Natural History 1824 -13 sheets (P.3);

-Southern Buildings 1824 -17 sheets (P.4);

-Anatomical Museum 1826 -12 sheets (P.4);

-Lower Library 1827 -30 sheets (P.4);

-Upper Library 1827 -48 sheets;

-7 sheets of alterations (P.4).

Edinburgh, Edinburgh University, South Bridge.

Thomas Bonnar:

Edinburgh. New College (ie university). Chemical Theatre. Considerable alterations and additions advertisement for tenders, 1812.

Edinburgh Evening Courant.


D5/AY(P) - Letter to Thomas kennedy Esq with details of Adam's design for University etc included. Dalquarran House.

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Cuttings: 1 print-no information.

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