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Field Visit

Date 3 June 1991

Event ID 737642

Category Recording

Type Field Visit


NG80NW 1.06 8250 0870.

1: NG 8250 0870 The steep but sheltered E-facing slopes to the rear of the farmstead have principally been given over to cultivation. The soil depth over these slopes is negligible with the result that the furrows between the cultivated ridges are often grounded directly on the underlying bedrock. The ridging is well developed. On average the ridges measure up to 2.2m in width and 0.4m in height; the furrows are up to 1.5m in width. Within and peripheral to the area of cultivation, there are occasional stone clearance heaps and at least eight stances (others may be concealed by bracken). In part, the clearance has been reutilised to form a series of low 'catchment' walls, which extend at intervals across the furrows between the cultivation ridges. The purpose of these walls was presumably to capture soil-loss from the ridges; a simple but effective solution to what must have been a perennial problem.

2: NG 8250 0869 Amid the cultivation, and set end-on to the slope, there are the wasted remains of a hut measuring 5.7m from WNW to ESE by 3.3m transversely overall. Immediately downslope, to the S, there is the first in a series of stances which are of similar character. Generally, these stances are quarried into the slope to provide a terrace, rear-scarp, and a built-up front edge. Their purpose is unclear but some may have been used as working platforms in conjunction with the husbandry of the slope. The stance measures 3m by 2.6m overall.

3: NG 8247 0870 Upslope to the W of (1), there is a stance which measures 4.3m by up to 3.1m overall, with a rear scarp 0.9m in height and a built-up, revetted front edge up to 1.6m in height. To the S, although its detail proved difficult to make out due to the bracken, there is a platform (NG 8247 0869) which appears to be rectangular on plan (6.6m by 4.9m overall) with a pronounced rear-scarp up to 3m high. The platform is partially edged with boulders. Immediately to the NW, there are the ill-defined remains of what may be another platform (4.5m by 3.1m overall).

Visited by RCAHMS (IMS) 3 June 1991.

RCAHMS 1991.

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