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Archaeology Notes

Event ID 704362

Category Descriptive Accounts

Type Archaeology Notes


NS57SW 42 513 738

See also NS57SW 6, NS57SW 7, NS57SW 16, NS57SW 31, NS57SW 32, NS57SW 34, NS57SW 35, NS57SW 37, NS57SW 38, NS57SW 45, NS57SW 48, NS57SW 70.

NS 513 738. A shallow, turf-filled depression in a cup- and-ring covered outcrop of sandstone was excavated revealing a horse-shoe shaped area 8'6" x 5'10" x 2'6" deep. Around the vertical walls of the cavity were inverted cone shaped grooves at 2' centres, 12" wide and 12" deep at the top. The floor was level and unmarked. The strata excavated through was a layer 6" - 12" deep of small broken stones covered by thick turf. Pecking was clearly visible at the grooves. Possibly site of extraction of stone for a large mill wheel. (c/f NS57SW 39)

Also at Whitehill at the base of a 14' high outcrop on which there are cups and rings is a tunnel 22" in diameter which runs straight and level into the rock for some 25' where it branches off left and right.

E J Price 1970.

Centred on NS 5147 7387: Cup and Ring markings.

NS 5148 7388. One cup enclosed by 12.5 'ring-turn' spiral, ending in cup with tail extending to another oblong-shaped cup; 4 sets of one cup enclosed by one ring, two with runnels from ring, one with one other cup budding from ring, one with runnel form cup ending in another cup plus runnel from ring adjoining opposite set of one cup enclosed by two partial rings. Also 37 solo cups and 8 posiible solo cups.

(Law Farm (2)).

NS 5149 7387. Various intersecting grooves enclosing one solo cup; thirteen smaller cups and connecting two sets of one cup enclosed by one ring; seven solo cups. Outside of figure are: three solo cups, one with tail; two possible solo cups; grooves.

(Law Farm (3)).

NS 5149 7385. Six sets of one cup enclosed by one ring each, five sets connected by intersecting runnels from cups and rings, sixth set with runnel from cup ending in another cup; intersecting runnels also connecting three solo cups; one oval cup; 14 solo cups. The site is obcured by many large gorse bushes.

(Law Farm (4)).

NS 5146 7387. This site lies 40 yards due W from (4) and when stripped of turf revealed: 1 cup enclosed by three rings (the N side of all three being very eroded); one cup with an arch over it; plus six solo cups on this smooth flat outcrop in the field.

(Law Farm (5)).

Sponsor: Keltic Research Society

K Naddair et al 1994.

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