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Field Visit

Date 1 December 2009

Event ID 624873

Category Recording

Type Field Visit


A very large township with over 50 structures remaining, including buildings and enclosures/pens. All appear to be constructed from gathered rubble.

153A - Bank running up from river to the North. Earth and stone, moss covered. 100m N then 45m W, curvilinear, 0.7m wide and up to 2.2m high and steeper on the outside face.

153b - 12m x 3m, NW-SE alignment, wall thickness of 0.5m and up to 0.9m high. Consists of two compartments, 7.5m to division from the SE. Entrance is to the NE, a bowed end to the NW. The division wall has an entrance to the east, the door is 2m after division.

153c - 8.8m x 5m x 0.6m. NW-SE. Possible entrance on the SW side. Bowed end to the NW. Extra footings to the SE, unclear as to whether it was a lean-to shack or the remains of the building being shortened at some point. Wall leads from S corner and curving around the ridge. Walls up to 1m spread.

153d -3 clearance cairns all 2m diameter x 0.4m high situated in a 15m area.

153e - Enclosure 0.4m high made of stone and earth and covered with bracken and grass. 0.8m wide bank.

153f - Enclosure with 0.5m high stone wall, 1m wide.

153g - Semi-circular enclosure like a sheepfank. 8m diameter, 0.5m high and constructed of stone.

153h - Building 7m x 3.5m, stone walls. V spread to 0.7m wide, aligned NW-SE. Entrance to the south. Much rubble infill.

153i - 6m x 4m stone boulder footings, aligned NNE-SSW. Possible east entrance. Made of a single line of boulders.

153j - 4m x 3m stone building footings aligned NW-SE and very grassed over.

153k - 10m x 5m, aligned NW-SE building with an entrance to the SW. Built on bedrock with walls up to 0.5m high and 0.7m wide.

153l - 17m x 5m x 0.75m stone building aligned NNE-SSW. Divided into two compartments of 7m and 10m. 8m x 4.5m outbuilding to NW side, with an entrance to the S. South end bowed with no obvious entrance.

153m - 12m x 5m x 0.9m stone building, aligned NNE-SSW. Open ended 1.5m cell in NE corner. Walls 0.6m wide. Situated on a slope.

153n - 3m x 2m x 1m stone wall aligned NW-SE. 0.6m wide.

153o - 10m x 3m x 0.4m, aligned NW-SE. Up to 1m wall spread. Stone.

153p - Enclosure truncated by road, 6m x 11m aligned NE-SW. 18m wall running W from enclosure to modern sheepfank.

153q - 9m x 4m x 0.75m, aligned E-W, stone building. Awful collapse to the N and S walls. Entrance to the N.

153r - 8m x 5m stone footings aligned E-W

153s - L-shaped building, stone walls up to 1.2m spread, bowed ends, 0.4m high.

153t - 4m x 3m, aligned E-W, rubble very spread.

153u - 12m x 6m x 0.3m, aligned NNW-SSE. Very spread walls.

153v - ruinous enclosure, 3m x 4m, aligned NW-SE, single boulder remains, no NE wall.

153w - 20m x 12m x 0.8m, aligned NNE-SSW, walls 0.6m spread, no north wall.

153x - 3 x 5m, aligned E-W, barely footings, very uneven and ruinous.

153y - 4m x 4m, aligned NW-SE, only NW and SE walls remain, very ruinous footings.

153z - 2 clearance cairns, 0.5m high, oval 2m x 1m, aligned NW-SE.

153aa - curvilinear wall, leading around and across a natural ridge, made of earth and stone. 0.4m high, and leads 70m uphill and 100m across a ridge, curving round to the road.

153ab - Uneven, almost circular enclosure, 8m in diameter, 0.5m high, walls very spread rubble.

153ac - 17m x 16m oval sheepfank situated on a slope, up to 0.5m high walls but uneven spread of 1m walls, made of Lewisian Gneiss.

153ad- Stone, 14m x 4m with bowed SE end, aligned NW-SE, walls 0.6m wide, 0.4m high. Rubble spread everywhere. Clearance cairn 2m x 1m by SE end.

153ae - Enclosure joining 3 buildings (153ad, 153af and 153ag). No S wall, 0.4m high and 0.6m wide walls.

153af - 10m x 4.5m stone building, walls 0.6m wide and 0.5m high, aligned N-S, entrance to the East.

153ag - 17m x 6m x 0.5m stone building, aligned NW-SE, includes boulders up to 1m x 1.2m.

153ah - L-shaped building, 13m x 9.5m, walls 0.4m spread.

153ai - 9m x 4m x 0.4m, aligned NW-SE, walls up to 1m spread, entrance either on N or S side

(HLP_no 153)

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