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Publication Account

Date 2007

Event ID 586681

Category Descriptive Accounts

Type Publication Account



NC/4601 6053

Probable broch in Durness, Suther-land, standing on the end of a rocky ridge and partly overlaid by a cottage [2, 278]; very little walling remained in 1909 [3]. The entrance faces north, along the ridge, and a doorway to a guard chamber can be seen in the right wall of the passage 1.5m (5ft) from the exterior. The cell itself appeared, from the description, to be almost intact [3]; it was 2.44m (8ft) long and 1.30m (4ft 3in) high above its present floor. About 7.32m (24ft) along the wall clock-wise from the entrance (i.e. to the south-east) the top of another mural cell could be seen in 1909 and was noted again in 1978 [1].

Sources: 1. NMRS site no. NC 46 SE 1.00: 2. Horsburgh 1867, 278: 3. RCAHMS 1911a, 54, no. 156.

E W MacKie 2007

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