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Geophysical Survey

Date 19 September 2015 - 26 September 2015

Event ID 1026710

Category Recording

Type Geophysical Survey


NY 09423 89153 (Canmore ID: 85099) Timber circle, NY 09535 89129 (Canmore ID: 68244) Barrows, NY 09513 89227 (Canmore ID: 85100) Timber cursus, NY 09514 89350 (Canmore ID: 85092) Timber cursus.

The Lochbrow Landscape Project investigates the archaeological sites and landscapes at and around Lochbrow, integrating a range of different research techniques including cropmark analysis, geophysics, experiential analysis, 3D and predictive modelling.

A sixth season of fieldwork was undertaken at Lochbrow 19 – 26 September 2015 by the Lochbrow Landscape Project team. This year, the work focused on the continuation of the geophysical surveys (DES 2011; 2012; 2013; 2014), experiential survey (DES 2013; 2014) and kite aerial photography (DES 2014) initiated in previous years. The work focuses on investigating the development of the sites and landscapes at and around Lochbrow by studying the location and wider context of a prehistoric cropmark complex comprising a timber cursus, timber circles and barrows, as well as the location of two palisaded enclosures. This year resistance survey was undertaken along the length of the cursus, the remaining section of the timber circle and linking up previously surveyed areas. This identified further timber circle post pits as well as linear features probably associated with the cursus and additional, less well defined, features around the location of the known monuments. The data gathered this year will be added to and compared with the resistance and fluxgate gradiometry data gathered in previous years and the re-assessment of the cropmarks recorded on aerial photographs. A structured experiential survey was also undertaken, recording visual and acoustic perception across the whole of the cursus field and within the location of the palisaded enclosures. This aims to add another dimension to the way in which we understand the sites and landscapes at Lochbrow by recording changing perception across the Lochbrow landscape. Preliminary analysis of the recorded observations suggests that they highlight some interesting relationships. Kite aerial photography was undertaken in both the cursus field and the field in which the palisaded enclosures have been recorded with the aim of gaining a quality photographic record of the landscape.

Archive and report: ADS and National Record of the Historic Environment (NRHE) intended

Funder: Royal Archaeological Institute


Kirsty Millican, Helen Goodchild and Dorothy Graves McEwan – Lochbrow Landscape Project

(Source: DES, Volume 16)

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