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Photograph Album No 124: Vivian Beesly's Book

PA 124

Description Photograph Album No 124: Vivian Beesly's Book

Date 1928

Collection General Collection. Photograph Albums.

Catalogue Number PA 124

Category All Other

Copies PA 124/24/2, PA 124/24V/2, PA 124/24V/3, PA 124/24V/1, PA 124/25/1, PA 124/25/2, PA 124/25/3, PA 124/25V/1, PA 124/25V/2, PA 124/25V/3, PA 124/23V, PA 124/28, PA 124/24/3, PA 124/26, PA 124/26V, PA 124/27/1, PA 124/27/2, PA 124/27V, PA 124/31/V/1, PA 124/31/V/2, PA 124/32/1, PA 124/32/2, PA 124/32/3, PA 124/29/V/1, PA 124/29/V/2, PA 124/30/1, PA 124/30, PA 124/30V/1, PA 124/30V/2, PA 124/30V/3, PA 124/31/1, PA 124/31/2, PA 124/31/3, PA 124/31V/1, PA 124/31V/2, PA 124/28/2, PA 124/29/1, PA 124/29/2, PA 124/28/1, PA 124/34V/1, PA 124/34V/2, PA 124/34V/3, PA 124/35/1, PA 124/35/2, PA 124/35/3, PA 124/35V/2, PA 124/36/2, PA 124/32V/1, PA 124/32V/2, PA 124/33/2, PA 124/33/1, PA 124/36V/1, PA 124/36V/2, PA 124/36V/3, PA 124/37/1, PA 124/37/2, PA 124/37/3, PA 124/37/4, PA 124/37V/1, PA 124/37V/2, PA 124/37V/3, PA 124/38/1, PA 124/38/2

Scope and Content Black cardboard cover, lined pages, with journal of tour made in North of England and Scotland, written in black ink and pencil, and collection of postcards with captions in second portion. Journal titled: 'A tour of Parts of Northern England and Scotland'. First page titled: 'Easter, 1928. Vivian Beesly (born July 1915).

Accession Number 1993/8


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