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Journal of A O Curle (RCAHMS). Titled 'Caithness II'.

MS 36/18

Description Journal of A O Curle (RCAHMS). Titled 'Caithness II'.

Date 7/7/1910 to 9/8/1910

Collection RCAHMS

Catalogue Number MS 36/18

Category Manuscripts

Scope and Content This contains a daily record and draft texts for the Inventory entries, indexed by Curle. He explains in volume 1, page 7, that 'My rule this year is to write up my notes immediately after breakfast and set out for the day about 11.0.' Curle and 'J' (presumably Jocelyn, his second wife) resided at Thuster House outside Wick, and Curle hired a sixteen-year old boy from the lodge at Stirkoke as his assistant in the field (Alec MacIvor, p16). Loose material interleaved in journal (in folder). 7 July p 1 Strathmore Lodge; nearby graveyard witn carved stone which Curle doubts is ancient; p 2 doubtful runic stone at Thulachan (rubbings, mounted and loose); Thulachan shieling (photograph); p 3 Thulachan hut circle, shieling huts and standing stone; p 4 Thulachan Clach na Ciplich cross-slab (photograph); more shielings near Thulachan; p 5 Backlass stone circle (photograph and sketch plan) (with note added 25 July to the effect that it is a galleried house); p 6 St Bridget's chapel, Achscoraclate (Inv no 168); 11 July p 6 sites around Ulbster; p 7 fort at Loch Watenan (sketch plan); p 8 Watenan broch; p 9 defensive enclosure Watenan (Inv no 527); p 10 Watenan hut circle, stone rows; p 11 Boroughwhin/Garrywhin cairn and stone row; p 12 Watenenan hut circle and cists (Inv no 538) (sketch plan on 12v and photograph on 13); p 13 Garrywhin chambered cairn (Cairn of Get); p 14 Broughwhin cairn & stone rows; 12 July p 15 Wick, Sinclair Aisle and effigy (Inv no493). Night at Portland Arms at Lybster to take on new assistant. 13 July p 16 Broughwhin Loch cairn & stone row (with photograph); p 17 Garrywhin fort; p18 loose: photo of site and sketch of decoration; p 19 Garrywhin cairn & chambered cairn; Cairn Hanach; Warehouse broch; p 20 Moss of Whilk; p 21 Toftgun broch; hut circles Warehouse Hill (Inv no 225); p 23 Groat's Loch stone rows (with photograph); 14 July p 24 Camster long cairn; p 25 Camster round cairn; p 26 Camster cair and stone rows; p 27 Camster hut circle; indefinite remains at Camster; p 28 Camster broch; 15 July p 28 Rhianacoil farmhouse (former open fire in centre of room); p 29 Rhianacoil standing stones (with photographs); p 30 Ballachly graveyard; Ballachly broch; 16 July p 32 Bruan broch; buys 'nice little stone mortar' from Gunn's Hillock; p 33 foundations of keep of Gunn's Castle ; p 34 Hill o' Many Stanes (photographs); Halberry Castle; p 36 Mid Clyth cross-slab; Mid Clyth broch; p 37 Mid Clyth cross-slab built into Roadside farm (sketch) (Inv no296); Houstry (sketches and photograph); p 41 Burn of Houstry sheilings; p 42 Tiantulloch broch; p 43 Minera broch; Newlands of Houstry hut circles; p 44 Houstry standing stone; Burn of Houstry cairn; Achnagoul cairn; 19 July p 46 boulder cross Lybster (photograph); p 47 Occumster broch (Inv no198); Achavar broch; p 48 Camster hut circle; 20 July p 49 Langwell Plantation souterrain; Wagmore Rigg(photographs); p 51 Morven; loose photo of site; p 53 Langwell hut circles; p 54 site of chapel and burial ground at Langwell; Strathy Burn souterrain; p 55 Tulloch Turnal broch; 21 July p 56 Langwell House chambered cairn; p 57 Langwell fortified enclosure (Inv no 224); p 58 Borgue Langwell broch; Borgue Langwell aisled house(photographs and sketch plan); p 60 Langwell chambered cairn; Langwell Castle; Rinsary broch; loose: photo of castle; p 61 An Dun broch; p 62 possible cairn N of Berriedale Water (Inv no269); Millery Burn hut circle & mounds near An Dun broch; cairn Berriedale Water; 22 July p 63 to the head of Berriedale in pouring rain to non-existent cairns; p 64 meets Mr Mackay of Braemore Farm, keen antiquary; destroyed broch at Carn Fhionn; hut circle Braemore; hut circles nr Braemore Lodge ; p 65 site of old chapel nr Braemore Lodge ; p 66 aisled dwellings Braemore; 23 July p 70 Ousdale Burn broch (with photograph); p 71 Berriedale Castle and Rinsary broch; Upper Borgue broch; p 72 Burg Ruadh broch (photograph); p 73 Upper Borgue standing stone (photograph); Dunbeath chambered cairn; p 24 July worked at home; 25 July bad weather, worked at home; 27 July p 74 Sheiling huts up the Dunbeath Water at Raffin Burn; p 75 aisled building at Wag Mor; p 76 hut circles Achnaclyth; p 77 aisled buildings Wag (photograph and sketch plan); p 78 aisled buildings Dunbeath Water; 26 July p 79 Achow broch (Rhianrivach); p 80 Buldoo bell tower (with photograph) and standing stone (with photograph); loose: letterto Curle from Joseph Anderson, dated 9 Aug 1910; p 81 Latheron Church (Curle's shock at gravedigger's methods); p 82 Latheron Castle; Latheron cross-slab (sketch); p 83 Smerral broch; Smerral Wood broch; p 84 Guidebest stone circle (sketch plan); Latheronwheel Mains broch; Latheronwheel Mains broch; p 85 Latheronwheel Bridge broch; 28 July p 85 Dunbeath mounds; p 86 Carn Liath chambered cairn; p 87 remains of Loedebest cairn; p 88 Cnoc na Maranaich (photograph); p 89 Achorn broch; Achorn settlement; p 90 Belcraggie Lodge hut circle; Dunbeath broch; p 93 brochs and settlement near Ballentink (Dunbrae and Bridge of Rhemullen); p 94 chapel at Ballachly; p 95 Knockinnon Castle; Upper Latheron broch; Latheronwheel cairn; 29 July p 96 broch N of Forse House 'Appnag Tulloch'; p 97 Rumster broch; Golsary broch; p 98 Forse stone circle; p 99 Forse dovecot; Usshilly Tulloch broch; p 100 Wag of Forse (sketch plan); p 102 Forse Castle; p 103 Forse mounds; p 104 Rangag standing stone; Acharaskill clearance cairns; broch Greysteil Castle; p 105 Achkinloch stone setting (photograph); p 107 Achkinloch cairn; 4 August p 108 has new assistant, John Weir, a teacher. Tulach Beag & Tulach Mor brochs; p 110 Dirlot Castle; hut circle on Achalibster Hill (Inv no119); p 111 St Peter's Chapel Olgrinbeg; Leosag broch; 5 August p 112 North Calder broch; Framside broch; Achavarn broch; p 113 Shean Harraig broch (Inv no113); Upper Sour broch; remains of horned cairn near Gerston Distillery, Halkirk; p 114 Skinnet broch; 6 August p 114 Thurso Museum: hand-bell, food vessel (sketch); p 117 St Peter's font; graveslabs in St Peter's graveyard; p 117v sketch of brass candlestick from Thurso; p 118 St Peter's Church Thurso; 'The Ulbster Stone' on a mound in the grounds of Thurso Castle; 8 August p 118 stone basin in garden in Bank St; 17th century house in Bank St (Inv no 425); p 119 Scrabster broch; p 120 remains of cairn on farm Mains of Brims; Brims Castle; p 121 mausoleum at Brims Castle; construction Uchat Head (Inv no450); wall at Brims (Inv no454); loose: sketch & notes on mantelpiece in old house in Davidson;s Entry, Thurso (Inv no427); 9 August p 122 Dorrery hut circles; p 123 Gavin's kirk; Dorrery chambered cairn; p 124 Dorrery hut circle; Dorrery cairn (Inv no134); p 125 Ben Dorrery standing stone; p 126 Dorrery Lodge cairn and hut circle (with sketch plan); p 127 Ben Dorrery standing stones; p 128 Lambsdale cairn; Ben Freiceadain fort; p 129 Ben Freiceadain cairn.


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